There’s a lot of contradicting information on the internet about healthy diet plans. Some weight loss programs advocate no carbohydrates, others emphasize fiber consumption, and still others recommend cutting out meat and animal products. It can be difficult to decide which weight loss diet will help you achieve the results you desire. This article by fitness expert Armi Legge helps break down the 5 clinically proven healthy diet tips that help people achieve their goals.

1.       Eat mainly unprocessed, nutrient-rich, and filling foods

Whole grains and other dense, micronutrient rich foods provide more fiber, water, and protein than processed foods, which contain fat or sugar. Generally that means eating more unprocessed foods includes more nutrients in your diet, and keeps your body fuller longer. Unprocessed foods are usually harder to over eat, or binge on, which saves your diet from unnecessary calories.

2.       Feast on fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables contain diet friendly fiber which improves digestive health, and helps the body stay fuller longer. Studies have shown that people who incorporated 5-10 servings of fruits and vegetables into their diet tend to lose weight quicker, keep weight off longer, and reduce their risk for chronic illness. Eating a variety of fruits and vegetables is the best way to ensure that your diet contains all the necessary nutrients and minerals.

3.       Don’t cut out quality protein

Research has proven that protein is crucial to losing weight, maintaining weight loss, and staying fuller longer. It’s important to eat enough protein to achieve your goals, whether they are weight loss or weight gain. However, not all protein is created equal. Processed, cured, and fatty meats are more likely to derail your diet than help you achieve your ideal body. Choose lean cuts of meat, like bison or chicken breast, when adding protein to your meals.

4.       Include animal products

Animal products like eggs and milk add a great source of branched chain amino acids to any diet. Some nutrients and minerals, like vitamin B12 and heme-iron, are only available in animal products. Eating a reasonable amount of animal products encourages a well rounded diet that satisfies all of your amino acid needs.

5.       Eat within your calorie needs

Changing your body shape comes down to simple math. If you want to lose weight you need to eat fewer calories than you are burning every day. If you want gain weight you need to eat more calories than you are burning each day. Identify your weight loss goals and then use a diet plan that addresses all of your nutrient needs within your ideal number of calories.

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