Hormone Replacement for Women
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What is Female Hormone Pellet Therapy?

Pellet implants are a unique way to treat hormone imbalances in the body. Customized to meet your individual needs, pellets are compounded hormones made from organic plant materials, which have the same molecular structure as those hormones found in the body.

In a simple, quick in-office procedure, your doctor inserts a prescribed number of rice-grain-sized bioidentical hormone pellets under the skin near the hip. These pellets will release a steady small amount of hormone(s) directly into your bloodstream for an average of several months.

Is Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) right for you?

If you are considering hormone replacement therapy, you are not alone.

Symptoms of menopause can vary from woman to woman. Some women have mild symptoms that resolve in a few months while others have severe symptoms that persist indefinitely.

Even though menopause is a natural body process that all women experience at some point in their lifetime, this does not mean that we should not treat it in order to make the transition easier. Many women find that hormone replacement therapy does just that.

Do you think you might be a candidate for hormone replacement therapy for women? Take our self-assessment to find out.

Testosterone in Women

Many do not realize how important testosterone is in women. Women with optimal levels of testosterone perform better at pretty much any task physical or mental.
Testosterone plays a significant role in our overall health and wellbeing. It helps with muscle and bone strength, mood, confidence, motivation, energy, memory, fertility, and metabolism.
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Hormone replacement therapy offers women a way to minimize the symptoms of Hormone imbalance that can occur in anybody. Using estrogen-alone or a combination of estrogen and progesterone, many women can find relief from menopausal symptoms and improve their overall quality of life.

Today, more and more women are experiencing the symptoms of hormonal imbalance before menopause. At 1513 Wellness & Weight Loss®, we provide comprehensive hormone replacement therapy for women of all ages.

Hormone imbalance or loss can be treated and can tremendously improve a woman’s quality of life. This self-assessment may help in determining if you have symptoms of hormone imbalance.

This self-assessment will not substitute a medical checkup or consultation with a physician. Only a physician or other qualified health care provider can diagnose and treat hormone imbalance.

Around Week 1

Hot flashes are usually resolved first. You may notice an improvement in as little as a few days.

Around weeks 2&3

You should notice a decrease in anxiety, irritability, and experience an improvement in mood. Hot flashes also continue to diminish, and you may notice improved sleep. You should also experience increased energy, improved sexual desire and many of the other benefits of hormone replacement therapy.

Around weeks 3&4

Most patients start noticing dramatic differences.  Most if not all of menopausal symptoms have resolved.

aound weeks 5&6

You may begin to notice physical changes when you look in the mirror such as weight loss, less hair loss, and improved skin health.  These changes may be even more noticeable over time.

Our HRT Clinic in Columbus

At 1513 Wellness & Weight Loss® in Columbus, Georgia, we aim to provide a professional but relaxed environment for the evaluation and treatment of pre-menopausal and menopausal symptoms. Our mission to evaluate each patient as a whole, rather than treating individual symptoms.

Our initial evaluation includes a medical history, complete physical, and extensive lab panel to rule out other possible causes of the symptoms you are experiencing. Visit our FAQs page to learn more.

Find out if hormone replacement therapy is right for you. Call (706) 221-4848 to schedule your appointment today.

Benefits of Hormone Replacement Therapy

Although every woman is different, many of our patients experience the following benefits after HRT at 1513 Anti-Aging and Wellness®:

  • Increased energy
  • Better sleep
  • Decreased hot flashes
  • Improved sexual desire
  • Decreased vaginal dryness
  • Improved skin health and appearance
  • Improved muscle tone and strength
  • Improved recovery from exercise and activity
  • Reduced depression
  • Improved mood and quality of life
  • Decreased risk of heart disease
  • Improved cholesterol levels
  • Reduced osteoporosis
  • Improved memory
  • Decreased risk of Alzheimer’s disease
Types of Hormone Replacement Therapy for women

At 1513 Anti-Aging & Weight Loss® in Columbus, GA, we offer two different types of hormone replacement therapy:

  • Estrogen Therapy. Estrogen therapy is typically administered as either a pill or a cream, and helps to relieve the symptoms of menopause. After your initial consultation, our wellness experts will determine what level of estrogen therapy you require.
  • Progestin/Estrogen Therapy. Commonly known as “combination” therapy, progesterone/estrogen therapy may help to prevent endometrial cancer and perimenopausal symptoms.

This self-assessment will not substitute a medical checkup or consultation with a physician. Only a physician or other qualified health care provider can diagnose and treat hormone imbalance.

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