Do you want to reduce your risk for prostate cancer? Quality sleep could be the solution. Researchers have recently found that high levels of melatonin have been linked to a decrease in prostate cancer risk.

Melatonin is produced when sleeping in the dark, helping to regulate a person’s circadian rhythm, or their sleep-wake cycle. This naturally occurring hormone can also combat the growth of cancer cells, resulting in a decreased risk of prostate or breast cancer.

According to case-cohort study of 928 Icelandic men, there is a significant connection between sleeping patterns, melatonin hormonal levels, and the risk of prostate cancer. Men who produced higher levels of melatonin were less likely to develop prostate cancer, and 75% less likely to develop advanced prostate cancer. Men who produced less melatonin than the study’s median measure reported having difficulty falling asleep, staying asleep, or needing to take sleeping medications.

The production of the melatonin hormone increases with a combination of good sleep-wake and light-dark cycles. Since sleeping habits can be controlled, people have the ability to modify the amount of melatonin their body produces. Men can lower their risk of prostate cancer by getting the appropriate amount of sleep in a dark room.

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