1513 Jump Start for Men

1513 Jump Start Plan is a short term, weight loss diet that allows you to lose weight quickly! It’s a great way to drop the weight and start a longer lasting lifestyle change. There are medical studies that show the more weight you lose during the first 2 – 4 weeks the better chance you have of keeping it off at one year!

Personalized 1513 Jump Start Weight Loss Plans

1513 Anti-Aging & Weight Loss® personalizes your plan with calories ranging from 500-1,200 per day. Your plan will be determined by your weight loss goals and medical history. However, since everyone is different, we do have some options available for our Jump Starters. Medications* are also available for the 1513 Jump Start Plan.

Call (706) 221-4848 to find out more about 1513 Jump Start weight loss plan and how this program can help you achieve your wellness goals.

* If appropriate and prescribed by a Clinician.